Stories that Set Us Apart

Stories that Set Us Apart

Stories that Set Us Apart collects and preserves personal and professional experiences unique to the public entity pooling community. Your stories tell a history of pooling and serve as inspiration to newcomers!

Watch and Share

Click on any video below for a taste of the Stories that Set Us Apart, then visit the Series Playlist on YouTube for more motivating videos from your pooling peers!

Pooling Compared to the Private Sector

Celebrating the Pooling Community

How I Got Started in Pooling

Serving the Greater Good


Record Your Story

You have two easy options for sharing your story:

  1. Record using your phone, tablet or computer webcam and send us the video file.
  2. Attend one of our conferences and record your story in our Mobile Stories Unit.

Story Prompts

To get you started, AGRiP has provided five story prompts, but feel free to follow your own muse.

What made you realize public entity pooling was the right place for you?

Some people are passionate about public entity pooling! Describe the factors that drew you into the public entity pooling environment – your experience might just be a connecting point with someone new to pooling, but who isn’t yet sure if this is his or her right fit.

What keeps you in public entity pooling?

You find your career in public entity pooling rewarding – but why? Share what motivates you to come to work each day or what you appreciate most about the public entity pooling environment. There’s a good chance that the facets of public entity pooling you most enjoy will also be appreciated by others in the industry.

How do your childhood dreams relate to your public entity pooling role?

Maybe you wanted to be a police officer or a firefighter, but now find yourself in risk management. Maybe you dreamed of being a pro football quarterback, but now call the plays around your office. What you saw for yourself as a child is not where you are now, but there are probably correlations, all the same. Share your thoughts.

Who in public entity pooling has been most inspirational to you?

The person who has inspired you most might be a mentor, a colleague or peer, or the public entity employee whose gratitude for your assistance was so overwhelming it touched your heart. Special people set us on our paths in life. Tell us about the person who influenced your pathway in public entity pooling.

Describe a meaningful experience you've had in public entity pooling.

Is there one experience that had such a profound impact on you, it reaffirms your decision to stay in public entity pooling every time you think of it? A time where you suddenly realized what an impact your role has on the lives of others? Tell us that story.