Advisory Standards for Recognition

Advisory Standards for Recognition

AGRiP Recognition is a current, industry-specific method for member pools to conduct a comprehensive review and evaluation of internal operational procedures. Pools that meet the Advisory Standards are granted Recognition for three years, assuring its governing body and its members that the pool is operating as effectively as they expect. Approximately one-fourth of AGRiP member pools have achieved AGRiP Recognition.

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Whether a pool applies for Recognition or not, the Advisory Standards provide a framework to examine current practices and procedures and should be utilized by all member pools.

Application Process

A completed Advisory Standards application and $750 fee must be submitted for consideration of AGRiP Recognition. Applications are reviewed by the AGRiP Membership Practices Committee (MPC) and Executive Director. A typical review takes six to eight weeks.

California pools that have achieved CAJPA’s Accreditation with Excellence are eligible to complete an abbreviated application to receive AGRiP Recognition. These pools must apply to AGRiP within three months of achieving CAJPA’s Accreditation with Excellence. The fee for this accelerated application is $400.

As part of the application process, applicants may identify policies not in place in their pool, or that pools may want to update or modify. A Model Code of Conduct and a number of sample policy checklists are available to assist pools in completing those Advisory Standards.

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