Emerging Risk and Operational Resources

Emerging Risk and Operational Resources

The Evolution of Pool Operations

Terrorism Risk Insurance Protection (TRIP)
An overview of TRIP provisions as they exist as of May 1, 2016, and a summary of planned and proposed changes. 
Last updated May 2016.

Law Enforcement Risks for Public Entity Pools
Suggestions for reviewing internal practices, loss control, and member services specific to law enforcement activities.
Last updated January 2016.

Pool Technology Audits
Considerations for pools reviewing, updating, restructuring, or otherwise looking to improve technology operations. 
Last updated July 2019.

Pool Fraud Audits
Questions and processes to help evaluate total fraud risk within a pool, and identify possible control measures. 
Last updated September 2015.

Pool Strategic Planning
Questions for pools to ask before engaging in strategic planning. 
Last updated August 2019.

Use and Regulation of Drones
White paper providing context and outlining issues related to local government drone use and potential implications for public entity pools. 
Last updated July 2015.