Pool RFPs

Pool RFPs

Broker Consulting Services

Health Transit Pool of Ohio (HealthTP) has issued a Request for Proposals for Broker Consulting Services  to assist in managing health insurance programs. 

Fund Administrator

The Atlantic County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund is seeking proposals for the position of Fund Administrator.

  • RFP issued: July 9, 2019
  • Proposals due: August 19, 2019
  • Contact: David DeWeese

RFPs or RFQs for products, services or vendors are published in this space at no cost to member pools. Contact AGRiP to have an RFP added to this page.

RFP Posting Policy

The AGRiP website is a resource center for AGRiP member pools, QEI Patrons and Partners. The goal of the RFP listings page is to assist active AGRiP member pools in attaining cost effective services.

Postings can be made on behalf of Regular and Affiliate AGRiP member pools, and sponsoring associations.

AGRiP will post the RFP with links to the website of the pool that issues the request, the RFP document, and the pool contact’s email. The RFP date of issue and proposal deadline is also listed. RFPs are removed from the AGRiP website after the proposal deadline has passed.

Upon request, AGRiP will provide a member pool with a list of QEI Patrons or Partner members that provide the service outlined in the RFP, for no cost.