Pooling Basics

Foundational Pooling Knowledge

Perfect for people new to public entity pooling, learn how our dynamic industry varies from the private insurance industry and gain a baseline understanding of core pool operations.

In-Person Pooling Basics

Presented twice annually at Governance Conference and Fall Forum, any registered attendee can participate in this unique opportunity to increase your understanding of pooling, meet faculty and ask questions, and build your pooling network.

Pooling Basics materials:

Online Pooling Basics 2.0

Pooling Basics 2.0 is an on-line adaptation of the in-person curriculum, designed to meet the needs of learners who can't attend one of our regular conference events, or to allow group participation in introductory coursework.

Many members use the online Pooling Basics curriculum to support learning for groups of pool staff, in leadership development initiatives, and to provide in-service training for governing bodies about core pool operations. Supplement the baseline material with your own experts and pool practices to help build familiarity with your pool’s unique perspective.

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Both in-person and online versions of Pooling Basics include nine learning modules:

  1. Pool Formations, Foundations and Benefits
  2. Basic Concepts of Risk Transfer
  3. Coverages & Coverage Documents
  4. Actuarial Analysis & Funding Studies
  5. Finance
  6. Concepts of Underwriting
  7. Risk Management
  8. Claims & Litigation Management
  9. Governance & Education

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