Generational Foresight

Generational Residency & Resources

Pools must prepare for a workplace and public entity membership encompassing multiple generations. Generational Foresight resources help pools consider the impact of a multi-generational environment and implement practical steps to successfully engage all generations.

Intelligence: Retirement Realities and Succession Planning

With an estimated 400 staff across AGRiP member pools poised for retirement in the near-term, succession planning is a real consideration for pool boards and staff. In this issue, read about what generational and employment shifts may mean for pools, and how pools can successfully handle leadership transitions.

Generational Training for Pools Workbook
  • Understand the world through the eyes of generations other than your own.
  • Grow awareness and respect for workplace and membership generational issues.
  • Appreciate the benefits of generational diversity.
  • Leverage generational benefits at your pool and among your members.

How Prepared are You for the Workforce of the Future?

During this workshop at the 2018 Governance & Leadership Conference, attendees used an assessment tool and readiness checklist to identify gaps in the policies, office environment and space, job descriptions and retention strategies, mentoring and leadership programs their pool has or should consider in order to become a leading multigenerational workplace.

The Story of the Multi-generational Workforce

At the 2017 Fall Educational Forum, trend spotter and researcher Kim Lear spoke about the different generations – Boomers to Millennials – who are now in the workplace, the stories they bring and create, and the stereotypes that can rise between these groups. Her talk covered the importance of legacy when founders start to retire and provided insight on how to groom the next generation of leaders.

Recruit, Retain, Lead: Pools as Workplaces for Multiple Generations

Review presentation slides from the keynote presentation at the 2018 Governance & Leadership Conference.

The Age of the Multi-generational Workforce 

In this webinar, Generational Resident Kim Lear teaches pools how to prepare for a workplace and membership environment with multiple generations.

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Kim Lear

2018 Generational Resident

AGRiP worked with its 2018 Generational Resident Kim Lear to develop pool-specific resources. In her role with AGRiP, Kim blended her ability to uncover cultural shifts with the principles of public entity pooling, resulting in a series of actionable takeaways pools can use to further recruitment and retention of pooling talent and pool members.