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Conscious Culture | 2024 AGRiP Residency

A strong, positive pool culture delivers improved efficiency, engagement and results, so it's important to get it right. Making a conscious choice about culture (and building to that vision) is critical as pools experience turnover in staff and governing body members and adjust to emerging employee expectations about work. 

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What to Know About Top Pool Executive Compensation | Intelligence, Feb. 2024

This issue contains highlights from AGRiP’s full Top Pool Executive Compensation Analysis. While pools are feeling the impact of low unemployment, wage growth and changing workforce expectations, these results also confirm that most executives are satisfied with their work. Use these findings to ensure your pool is prepared for executive turnover and retention in a competitive environment.

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News From Member Pools and QEI Patrons | Pooling Community Resources

Every three weeks, AGRiP gathers and posts news from the pooling industry, including insights from member pools, QEI Patrons and pooling publications.

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Public Entity Pooling Update | Webinar Recording

Understand timely issues impacting pool coverages and services to pool members, including loss trends, reinsurance availability and pricing, current pool operational issues.

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Pooling Resources

Conduct a Pool-Focused Search | Cybrary

Quickly search for valuable pooling information from AGRiP member pools, relevant associations and leagues, QEI Patrons, regulatory agencies, and other sources.

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Toolkits and Guidance | AGRiP Residency Archives

Each year, AGRiP offers a residency to help pools dig deep into a topic that's impacting their operations now and in the future. With the guidance and support of an expert who's with us a full year, member pools have explored topics like digital transformation, succession planning, inclusion, generational foresight and more. Residency resources remain relevant and available to all AGRiP members long after each year concludes.

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Understand Your Financial Performance | Financial Benchmarking Initiative

The Financial Benchmarking Initiative is an analytical tool for pools to compare their financial results with industry-wide pool statistics or a customizable cohort of peers. It includes 14 commonly used financial ratios that can help inform conversations about your pool's operations.

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Pool-Specific Salary and Benefits Information | Compensation and Benefits Analysis

The biennial Compensation and Benefits Analysis is the only source of salary and benefits data specifically for top pool executives. Salaries are analyzed by pool factors such as geography, contribution and staff size, organizational structure and lines of coverage, as well as by individual demographics of top executives.

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