Strategic Foresight

Strategic Foresight Residency & Resources

Public entity pools are constantly looking ahead to identify trends, topics and issues that will have impact. Strategic foresight resources help pools take the necessary steps to create a future-forward organization.

Framing the Future: A Guide to Strategic Foresight

Use this guide to implement strategic foresight efforts in your pool. The guide helps you understand and follow six important steps: frame the domain, scan for trends, forecast scenarios, envision the future, backcast, and implement.

And, use these starter strategic foresight trend cards as your pool is scanning for trends and following along with the guide to strategic foresight. AGRiP developed these trends using the recommended STEEP method.

Thriving in Uncertainty: Making Your Pool Future Ready

This is a great report for anyone interested in the future of pooling, and is recommended reading for governing bodies or management teams headed into strategic planning. In 2015, a Futures Forum of public entity pooling experts met to consider and address the most important questions about the future of public entity pooling. Use their work as a building block for your own pool’s plan for the future.

Intelligence: Understanding bias in decision-making

AGRiP's Resident Futurist Rebecca Ryan talks about common decision-making biases, how they might affect decisions made by public entity pools, and simple tricks to help avoid them. Whatever your pooling role, overcoming bias-driven decision-making will help you improve how you work and the outcomes you generate at both an operational and strategic level.

Rebecca Ryan

2016-2017 Resident Futurist

To develop strategic foresight resources, AGRiP worked with its 2016-2017 Resident, Rebecca Ryan. Rebecca studies governmental trends at all levels, identifies barriers and biases that hold back organizations. In her role as Resident Futurist, Rebecca helped AGRiP members develop a framework for strategic, future-forward thinking and planning.